A.P.C. Interaction #23 : JJJJound

14 May 2024

For the second time, A.P.C. has teamed up with Montreal brand JJJJound, known for its relentless pursuit of perfect minimalism, to present a fun yet timeless capsule highlighting aspirational goals of summer vacations. 

The collection revisits the essentials of the men's summer wardrobe, starting with the observation that, while we make sure that the clothes we take on vacation are elegant and tasteful, circumstances mean that we generally return home with far less chic apparel, whether they were the object of a crush at the hotel boutique or a compulsive purchase in a tourist store. 

The interaction is made up of two themes — the first translates into a monochrome dark navy total look, whilst the second, radically different, features a series of sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, and tote-bags bearing the branding of “Hôtel Souvenirs”. 

JJJJound describes the facility as follows: "For this collaboration with A.P.C., we invented an 'imaginary hotel' in a utopian world where all events unravel exactly as we anticipate, thus highlighting the superiority of the concept over the actual manifestation."

Founded in 2006, JJJJound has grown into a collaborative design studio whose aim is to inspire through various means: the manufacture of functional and sustainable products, the design and construction of meaningful environments, and, since always, a meticulous digital platform. Based in Montreal, Canada, the design studio is run by its founder, Justin R. Saunders. 

Jean Touitou defines what connects JJJJound to A.P.C.: "We're strong because we're good at what we do. Mind you: we belong deeply to fashion. Genuinely. And we’re not the same at all as the others."

The collection is available in selected stores and online.

Interaction #23 : A.P.C. JJJJound
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